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What is Automation

Lighting, Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning, Shades, Drapes, Security, IT, Voice & Data & Multiple Audio Video Systems are an integral part of every establishment today. Each one of these operates on a separate platform and requires its own management tools. Automation is about creating a unified system, where all these technologies can be managed and controlled from a single interface. At Inicio we bring it all to your fingertips!

  • Control everything on your yacht the same way you do at home - with a Crestron automation system for boats and yachts.

Now your room’s mood will depend upon yours!

Imagine having the lighting in your room change as per your mood! Doesn’t that sound perfect?

Lighting Automation is all about saving energy by blending natural & artificial sources of light and using sensors to intelligently turn lights on & off based on your mood. It begins with switching on your lights from a handheld device and revolves around creating the right ambience to suit your moods.

You can dim the lights to your desired levels or recall present scenes right from your phone, tablet, touch panel or also use decorative keypads with elegant colors, finishes & architectural faceplates to complement the décor. Set the precise lighting scene for making presentations in conference or boardrooms, watching movies, hosting parties or just reading in bed.

Powerful, energy saving Capabilities involve the use of occupancy sensors & motion detectors to only use lights as they are needed & when integrated with shades control it opens the arena of daylight harvesting & harness’ natural light from windows &skylights.Integral to “green” building design, environmental management solutions conserve energy, reduce costs & contribute to LEED certification. Lighting Automation is the cornerstone of any Automation Solution.

Control. Select. Relax

Imagine getting into a room, be it at home or office and everything sets up as per your requirement be it your television, home theater system, lights and curtains etc.

Today, more establishments contain AV displays and Media sources than ever before. Be it a Conference Room, Home Theatre Room or Class Room, the general requirements of any audio video installation are:

  • Quick Start: With Simple Connectivity and minimal commands, the room should set itself to suit the application.
  • Functionality & Usability: It should be operational with little or no technical skills.
  • Reliability: High-quality equipment, stress-free with minimum down time.
  • Serviceability: The system manager should be able to monitor, manage and service all systems remotely.
  • Aesthetics: Designs to match the interiors, user needs & habits.

At lynx, our Room Solutions are all about blending back-end systems with a powerful management tool & easy to operate user interfaces.

Show The World, You Mean Business

We offer display solutions for a wide variety of applications including Digital Signage, Video Conferencing, Boardroom, Office presentation & Television.
Choose From A Variety Of Display Solutions


Our commitment to stay up-to-date with the latest technology offerings & our sound relationships with the leading manufacturers in Projection technology empowers us with the required knowledge base to offer you just the right projector for your requirement. With the range of projectors available today, from portable to High Definition 3D projectors, there is no room for compromise.

Types of Projectors

Home Projector, Multimedia Projector, Data Projector, DLP /LCD /LED / Laser, Ultra Portable, Portable, Fixed Installation, Multi-Purpose, Interactive.