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Lynx was incorporated in the year 1987. Since it’s inception, Lynx has displayed a visionary understanding of the emerging opportunities in the field of providing complete business solutions. The effort was to create a common platform where all our clients could get complete solutions under one roof.

Initiated with business of phones and communication products and with a turnover of few thousands, it extended into the office equipment, security, hospitality, call centre and video door phone intercom solutions.

The fact that today we have a very comprehensive product range, coming from the world’s leading brands, across various segments is a testimony to that. It makes us a unique solution provider in western India and the markets we serve.

Although, it’s not just our products and services that make us the market leader. The most important success factor is our employees, each and every one of them. Together, we’re focused on the same objective. To provide products and solutions that not only satisfy customer needs but also add value to the equipment investment by reducing costs, improving productivity , ensuring reliability and emphasizing service.

All Lynx policies stem from our Core Values.
These common values therefore inspire all our actions and decisions and provide a benchmark for everyone.

Integrity & Honesty – We behave with integrity and in an ethical manner in everything we do and say, thereby earning and maintaining trust and respect of customers, suppliers, colleagues, partners, shareholders and communities.

Commitment to Excellence – Our commitment is to demonstrate excellence in all spheres of our work and in our interaction with customers suppliers, colleagues, partners and communities. In addition, we commit to exercising judgement, professionalism, rigour, self-discipline, perseverance, cooperation and team spirit.

Customer Orientation – We promote a customer-centered culture that emphasizes outstanding service and meets our commitments at every level of our organization.

Profitable growth  – Growth is the life blood of our organization. Profit also enables us to grow.  Without profits even dramatic growth become unsustainable.

Gratitute – We will act out of sense of gratitude for all the benefits we have received, confident that this attitude will be a source of unbounded joy and vitality enabling us to overcome any obstacles we encounter.


At Lynx, we believe that we are responsible to the communities and the environment in which we live and work. We partner with companies that share a Green Earth vision, such as our primary partner Ricoh. As part of our philosophy, we have implemented long-term and eco-friendly initiatives and practices throughout the company and in our daily operations. Environmentally friendly actions don’t have to be large to have an impact. Consistently reducing the amount of energy, water, and paper our businesses use in their daily operation can make a huge difference, both to the environment and to our pocketbooks. How much paper would you save over the course of a year, for instance, if you always ran double-sided copies? A small thing – but a big result!
As a channel partner of Ricoh, our recycling programs are not limited to machines and consumables; in an industry first Ricoh operates a parts recycling program. Service parts replaced by our technicians during the servicing of machines in the field are recycled
We encourage the collection of used toner cartridges and machines so that these can be handled in a most environment friendly manner rather than be sending to landfill sites and pollute our earth.

Cartridge recycling program
As one of the many initiatives we have implemented, the recycling of Ricoh toner cartridges . We offer our customers the option of disposing their used toner cartridges in a environmental friendly manner. Please submit your pick up request by filling out the form below whenever there is a used cartridge . You can help reduce the environmental impact of your own organization by ensuring your toner cartridges and bottles never reach landfill sites We shall arrange pickup within in week’s time

Machine Recycling Program
This program is designed for our customers for the recycling of their Ricoh machines once they have reached the end of their life at no charge to the customer. We accept all Ricoh machines for responsible recycling


Our mission is to be the leading solution provider of office equipment, security, hospitality, call centre and video door phone intercom solutions in western India and the markets we serve.

By investing in our people and our products, we are committed to providing superior values and services to our customers.


Lynx Code of Conduct is intended to be a guideline to all its employees in upholding the high standards of corporate and personal behavior on which the company’s reputation and respectability have been built since its inception.